Costa Rica Tarrazu

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  • Finca El Rosario
  • Koffiebranderij
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  • Regio
  • Costa Rica, Tarrazú, León Cortes
  • Variëteit
  • Caturra, Red en Yellow Catuai
  • Hoogte
  • 1600 meter
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Een nieuwe branderij in onze selectie deze maand: Dolce Alchemia uit Amsterdam. Een branderij met een bijzondere aanpak. Bonen van één boerderij worden in verschillende batches gebrand tot de smaak subliem wordt; Single Estate Blending een unieke aanpak! De koffie van deze maand heeft een prachige zuurtje van citrus met tonen van karamel en abrikozen.

Finca El Rosario, the story

Located in Costa Rica; Microbeneficio La Cabaña started producing coffee 50 years ago, founded by “The Grandpa”, Mr. Moises Meza. His knowledge was limited, as he produced and delivered the cherries to bulk processors as was often the case in those days.

He did not know that his coffee would be so attractive to international markets as a single estate coffee. In 2007 his sons Mr. Javier Meza and Mrs. Gabriela Meza built the micromill inside the farm. By milling their own coffee, they could control and refine the process.

The whole process is 100% ecofriendly; the production is shade tree grown. Using natural fumigation products, not using herbicides, and fertilizing the coffee with a semi compost.

In order to create a semi honey coffee, the entire lot needs to be pulped.
After pulping, 1/2 goes into fermentation tanks to finalize the washing process. These will then will be dried on raised African beds. They have to be turned every 3 hours by hand so that the coffee does not stick together, if it does the coffee will not dry properly causing off flavours in the bean.

The coffees that are used as honey beans are transported straight away to the raised African beds after pulping. During the drying process, these beans need special care and needs to be turned every 10 minutes in order to get a perfect balance in the Costa Rican humidity.

With this high amount of attention to detail, it’s no wonder why this coffee is so good!”

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